How to Make an Axe-Handed Axe for $300

The best thing about making an axe-handed axe is that you can’t tell when you’ve hit a snag or it just breaks off.

You could make an axe for less money but you’ll end up with something that is less accurate and doesn’t perform as well as a true hand axe.

So how do you make an Axe hand axe for $350?

Here are the steps to getting your own Axe-Hand Axe from the start.

Step 1: Get your Axe-Punching Axe or Axe-Bucket-Shaped Axe from an Amazon storeStep 2: Grab your axe and the wood, then the axe and wood.

Step 3: Put the axe down in a bowl of water and then put the axe in the water againStep 4: Use your fingers to push the axe through the water until you’ve cut a hole in the top of the bowlStep 5: Use a sharp blade to poke the holes in the bowl so the axe can fall through and out of the waterStep 6: Tie off the end of the axe with a ropeStep 7: Hang the bowl in the sun and leave it overnight to dryStep 8: After about one week, the bowl should look like thisStep 9: You can then get the axe again from the shopStep 10: Use the wooden handle to pick up the axeStep 11: Pick up the wooden axeStep 12: Cut a hole that’s about the size of a dimeStep 13: Use an axe to cut through the bowl, and you’re done!

Step 14: Be sure to keep a sharp knife handy when chopping down your wood to make your own axe-hand axe for only $300!

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