New York City will begin accepting plastic surgery patients after a $400 million expansion to the city’s primary care program.

The expansion, part of the state’s $6 billion Affordable Care Act, was announced in December and was set to be rolled out to other parts of the country this summer.

New York’s expansion will bring more than 3,000 plastic surgeons to the nation’s most populous city, where about 2.2 million people live, a figure that has been on a steady decline in recent years.

But in December, the state announced it would be closing the primary care practice and expanding the center’s practice to the Bronx, which has about 1.6 million residents.

It also announced plans to open a new primary care clinic at St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York’s East Village.

The new primary health care center will be called the New York Primary Care Center, and it will have a new outpatient clinic, primary health services, and an on-site pharmacy.

The expanded New York primary care center is expected to enroll about 1,200 patients, which will cover the cost of about $1,400 for each patient.

Dr. Robert M. Stern, chairman of the New Jersey Board of Plastic Surgery, said that although New York will not be the first city to offer plastic surgery services, the expansion will have an immediate impact on the state.

He said that more than half of New Jersey’s plastic surgeons are in New Jersey, and that this expansion will help fill the gap.

“We’ll see a lot more of those folks in the Bronx,” he said.

“This expansion is a very significant step toward getting more plastic surgeons and patients in New Zealand, Europe, Asia, the United States, and Canada.”

Stern said the expansion is not expected to impact the citys plastic surgery operations, but it will allow for additional staff.

The health care expansion comes as New York is grappling with the rise of opioid addiction and mental health problems.

It is also seen as a signal to the United Kingdom and Canada, which have seen similar expansions.

Dr Robert M Stern, chair of the board of plastic surgery at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, says the expansion of plastic surgeries in New South Africa is not the first time New Zealand has opened primary health clinics.

“It’s not the largest, but the expansion has a very big impact on this country, so we’re very pleased that New Zealand’s doing that, too,” he told Reuters Health.

Stern is a co-author of the book, Plastic Surgery and the Body, about his experience as a plastic surgeon in New England.

The state has already expanded the number of primary health providers by about 40% over the last decade, including a 3,500% increase in the number in the past 10 years.

Stern says New York was the first state to introduce primary health clinic expansion in the United Nations in 1997.

In New York, the primary health practice is known as a cosmetic surgeon’s office.

The new primary center will have about 4,500 plastic surgeons.

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