‘Plastic surgery’ on Bollywood star Rihanna’s face: Who is her plastic surgeon?

The stars of the Bollywood hit ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ were reportedly fitted with plastic surgery at the plastic surgery studio where she had plastic surgery done for her face in 2014.

Sources in the industry have told Mail Today that the actress, who is married to actor Salman Khan, was undergoing a facial reconstruction in 2013 when the producer of her films, Bajrang Institute of Beauty, decided to work with her on her face.

“The producer of ‘Baja Rajan’ decided to hire the plastic surgeon for her facial reconstruction, as he was not satisfied with the results.

He had asked her to get her face done, which was done in March 2014, but the surgeon told her that the results did not match his expectations.

She then decided to undergo the surgery.

The surgery took place at the Bajangi Bhagavat Ram temple in Mumbai in 2014,” the sources added.

Sources said the studio, located in Mumbai, was one of the few studios in the country where plastic surgery is available.

The actress is married with a son.

Bollywood is renowned for its glamourous cosmetic surgery and in the last few years, the industry has been growing at an exponential rate.

“Bollywood stars are always the ones who are in the forefront of this trend, and it is also very common for them to have plastic surgery.

So, they have been given a huge amount of freedom to do so,” said Anand Kumar, president, Bollywood Association of India (BAI), in an interview to Mail Today.

He said celebrities like Bollywood’s stars Salman Khan and Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor are often the ones that are in demand for plastic surgery to look as glamorous as possible.

“In the last three years, celebrities like Salman Khan have undergone a lot of plastic surgery in the US, India and China.

But this trend is now spreading into other countries as well,” he added.

The actress has already had cosmetic surgery done on her lips, cheeks and neck.

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