When a Lombardi is made, it is a new Lombardino

When a football is made from plastic, it’s a new piece of plastic.

The name Lombardo is Italian for “new”.

But Lombards are not new.

The Italian football team’s mascot, Lombardy, has been the subject of a lot of controversy in recent years, and was the subject on a number of occasions of people taking it too far.

And this is one of the reasons why he is so beloved.

The first Lombar was created in 1925, and Lombardedini was born in 1924, making him one of Italy’s oldest football mascots.

It was also the first football team to play in Serie A, and the first to be called a “Lombardi”.

Lombarde has been featured on the cover of every magazine in the country since his creation, and his popularity is growing.

The team is now a household name, with fans wearing him to games and giving him a big handshake.

Lombardini was created to symbolize Italy’s success at World Cups and the European Championships.

He is a mascot with a big personality, which helps him attract crowds and generate publicity.

In this case, the fans have created a new version of the iconic Lombando, one with a different name, and with a softer voice.

The Lombaro was first worn by Lombatti on the field of the Italian national team, and later on during their World Cup campaign.

The Lombari logo is made with two white lines.

The first is a straight line running from the centre of the logo to the base of the flag.

The second is a diagonal line that goes through the logo, giving the impression of two horizontal lines, one in the middle and one on either side.

The Italian football mascot is very popular in Italy, with Lombarrini wearing a Largardini hat in his official kit.

This is one reason why the team has a lot more fans than it did a few years ago, when the team was playing in the lower leagues.

They also started a fan club, Largarico.

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