How to get the most out of your plastic surgery: Adele

The stars of the 2017 beauty pageant will all be getting cosmetic surgery in the coming months, as a group of doctors will be treating their bodies.

The top-ranked contestants in the Miss Universe pageant are also getting the surgery, which is part of the world’s biggest beauty pageant.

They are: Adelle Portman, 34, of New York City, who is the face of Miss Universe.

She is being treated by Dr. Joseph Gagliano, the chief operating officer of the New York-based plastic surgeon at the Mayo Clinic, who has been leading the cosmetic surgery team since June 2017.

Dr. Gagniano, who will take on the role of the CEO of the beauty and fashion company that runs the show, said his office is “fully committed” to treating the contestants’ skin.

He also said that the surgery will not alter the makeup of their face.

The contestants’ makeup and hair are in place, and Dr. Gagnonio said his team is “very excited” to treat their bodies for “a long time.”

We’re very excited about this surgery and very excited to be able to help these contestants get healthy and make a big difference for the beauty industry,” Dr. David Dao, who heads the Mayo clinic’s cosmetic surgery department, told ABC News.

Dr Dao also said the surgery is the first major cosmetic surgery for the contestants.

Dr Gagnliano said he expects the cosmetic procedure will help them “grow stronger” and get a healthier body, and he said the beauty of beauty is about beauty in every single aspect of life.”

It’s about how we can express our inner beauty and the beauty inside of us,” he said.

The beauty industry is a big business, with an estimated $9 billion in annual revenue.”

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a beauty industry as vibrant and vibrant as we are right now, and we’re all very happy with that,” Dr Dao said.ABC News’ Ashley DeBurghe, Josh Kroll and Mark Strahl contributed to this report.

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