Plastic surgery assistant to ‘be honest’ about surgery

Posted September 09, 2018 05:21:53 A plastic surgeon has quit his job and opened up about his transition to the industry. 

He spoke to the BBC about what it’s like to have to undergo a plastic surgery procedure.

The former assistant to a plastic surgeon quit his role at a major UK body in September. 

“I’ve been doing it for almost six months and I am honest about it,” said Chris McLean.

“I had to go to the office and have to sign a form to tell them I had surgery.”

Chris said he had to undergo surgery to remove the part of his brain that controls his body’s temperature.

“It was actually my heart that started to beat faster when I had it done,” he said.

“It’s the reason why I was able to do that so quickly.

I was worried it would hurt me.”

Chris McLean, who has a plastic operation, said he didn’t feel he was doing the right thing.

“I’m doing it because I love it,” he added.

“And I’m going to do it because it’s a wonderful experience.”

The first thing you notice about the operation is how much warmer the body feels.

It feels amazing.

“But the surgery is only the beginning for Chris.”

Once you have the plastic, you’re actually going to need to go through a process of making sure the parts are connected and that the body is as natural as possible,” he explained.”

And you need to know exactly what you’re doing because the surgeon can make changes in the operation to improve the outcome.

“He said it was difficult to tell others the truth about their surgery, which was the reason he was open about the procedure.”

You’re a public figure, and if you say something bad about somebody else’s surgery, you can be fired or ostracised, so I was scared of being outed,” he told the BBC.

Chris Mclean, who is a former assistant of a plastic plastic surgeon, quit his jobs at the prestigious UK body that has been criticised for a lack of transparency.

He quit his assistant job at the UK body where he had his operation after a year of being a plastic assistant.

Chris said the surgery was a “big mistake” and he felt it had ruined his career.”

My career was ruined, it was ruined by my surgery and I just wanted to do my best and be as honest as possible about what I was going through,” he concluded. 

I’m so happy I got it done. “

I have no regrets about it.

I’m so happy I got it done.

I just don’t have any regrets about what happened to me,” said Sarah Smeeth.

Sarah Smeeth, a plastic model who now works as an associate at the body, said she is proud of the surgery.

“Being a part of something like this is such a privilege.

I am really proud of what I did,” she told the programme.

But she said her transition to plastic surgery was not easy.

“There are so many people who have had plastic surgery and they are not happy with the way they look or feel and are looking to do things differently.

I have not had the best experience, but I am very happy with my new life,” she said.

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