‘We’re not looking for a political fight’: Dr. Bambi Bambu says there is no political ‘fight’

TEMPE, Ariz.

— A physician who used the phrase “we’re not even looking for one” when discussing the importance of plastic surgery in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election has resigned.

Dr. Bemba Bambuka, a pediatrician and a former assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Arizona, was named as the director of the Center for Pediatric Plastic Surgery at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia.

The move comes after a report by CNN published on Monday that showed the hospital that had been the site of the largest number of surgeries on transgender children had received more than $7.3 million in federal funds to pay for surgeries.

The hospital has since changed its policy and said it was not involved in the Trump campaign’s decision to defund the hospital.CNN’s report said Bambuda had used the words “were not looking to fight a political battle” to describe the Trump administration’s decision.

“I think what were trying to do is educate the American public, and were not doing that with any political rhetoric or even political statements, were just trying to educate the general public, who has to make that decision and make sure that were providing the care that weve always promised,” Bambua said.

“Were not really fighting a political debate, we are just trying, like everybody else, to make sure we are providing the best care that can be provided to our patients.”

Bambu, who served as a senior surgeon at Emrick Medical Center in Philadelphia, said he did not see any conflict of interest because he was in charge of the hospital and did not receive any federal funding.

Bambua did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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