How to get plastic surgery in Houston, Texas

The state of Texas is notorious for its booming plastic surgery market, and it’s no surprise that it’s the No. 1 place to get it.

And now, according to new data from the American College of Plastic Surgeons, the number of surgeries performed by plastic surgeons in the state has been increasing.

As of December, more than 5,000 people in Texas had received plastic surgery since 2010.

That’s up from just over 500 in 2011, and the number has increased every year since.

The growth is especially notable considering that in 2013, Texas had more than 4,000 plastic surgery surgeries.

In addition to Houston, the state is home to Austin, Dallas and San Antonio.

And the majority of plastic surgery procedures are performed in rural areas.

So, what does that mean for Houstonians who don’t have access to a private surgeon?

According to the new data, the answer is not a lot.

In fact, the majority (70%) of people who have plastic surgery are older, and a majority (63%) are women.

And that’s not even accounting for the majority who have cosmetic procedures like eyelash extensions, eyebrow lifts and cheek implants.

The majority of people (69%) are not able to afford private surgery, while the majority also have to wait in line to get an appointment.

The numbers for people with cosmetic procedures are even worse.

In Houston, nearly two-thirds (62%) of the population are either unable or unwilling to pay for cosmetic procedures.

And when it comes to insurance coverage, most Texans don’t make it to a clinic or surgery center.

A majority of Texans (57%) have no insurance, and only about 1 in 10 (9%) have health insurance.

And it’s not just cosmetic procedures that are struggling in Houston.

Overall, the cost of plastic surgeries has increased in every state except Alaska, where the cost has decreased by 2.8%.

In other words, the average cost of a plastic surgery procedure has increased nearly 11% nationwide since 2010, according the American Association of Plastic Surgery.

For people who aren’t able to access private surgeons, the options are few.

The most common choice for a plastic surgeon in Houston is to do a nose job.

Nearly 7% of people said they’d do a nasal lift, according a survey of nearly 9,000 Houstonians conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

The next most common option is to have a plastic nose job, followed by liposuction and facial hair removal.

And a few other procedures can be a bit more expensive, like tongue augmentation or face lift.

The number of people in Houston who had a tongue augment was 7%, the number who had liposuctions was 3%, and the most expensive option was liposotomy, at $18,000.

And those are just the top-five procedures.

The costs of other procedures include eye implants, liposculitis and liposarcoma.

And while many Houston residents are more than happy to pay the full price for cosmetic surgery, the costs of the procedures themselves can vary.

The Kaiser Family Fund asked people to rate their satisfaction with the price of their procedure on a scale of 1 to 10, with one being “not satisfied” and 10 being “very satisfied.”

The average price for a nose lift in Houston was $7,300, with the most common procedure costing $12,400.

And there are many other cosmetic procedures, such as eyelid lifts and lipo procedures, that are less expensive than the $10,000 to $20,000 price tag, according Kaiser.

Some patients also have concerns about the safety of the procedure.

According to a study from the University of Texas Health Science Center, more patients than ever are choosing not to have cosmetic surgery.

The study found that just under half of the respondents who had undergone plastic surgery were still experiencing pain from the procedure, and nearly two thirds said that the pain was “not worth it.”

In addition, more respondents reported that they would not go back to the surgery if it were to cause any complications.

The same survey found that more than half of those who had had a liposurgical procedure in Houston said they had not experienced any complications after they had finished the procedure and no one had died.

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