How to stop the next wave of plastic surgery for female celebrities

As women’s faces grow in size, so too do their plastic surgery requests, and as the demand for cosmetic surgery increases, it’s becoming more difficult for plastic surgeons to meet.

With the number of cosmetic procedures growing by 30 per cent per year, the demand is so great that cosmetic surgeons in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines are now considering moving to Asia.

According to Dr Rachael Yip, the head of the cosmetic surgery department at the Cosmetic Surgery Centre of Singapore, the country is already experiencing an influx of cosmetic surgery requests from female celebrities who want to have their face covered in a more natural manner.

“This is not something new for cosmetic surgeons,” Dr Yip told Al Jazeera.

“For years we have been getting requests for a full-face cover, but now we are seeing more requests for natural face contouring and facial contouring, especially in our younger patients,” she said.

“So, as a cosmetic surgeon, I have been working with a number of young patients and I have found that it is easier for them to achieve a natural face, especially if they can afford it.”

Yip said that cosmetic surgery patients who have undergone the procedure are generally satisfied with the results, and even feel more confident about the quality of the procedure, since they now feel less anxious about their appearance.

“For many, there is a sense of relief that the surgery is going to be done well, and they do not feel like they need to do anything more,” she added.

Yip also said that she has noticed a trend in cosmetic surgery for men, who have also begun to request full face coverings for their faces.

“We see many men who have had their face contoured in different ways and we are finding that the response has been better for men than women,” she explained.

“Men are not always very happy with their face and their skin is naturally more oily and blemish prone than women, so they have been more comfortable with a face cover and a natural look,” she continued.

“I think that is because they have also started to realise that the process of having their face made more natural can be a lot of work and a lot easier, and this is the first time that they have felt comfortable doing this,” she noted.’

You can do this in a day’Yip, who has been working in cosmetic surgeries for nearly 30 years, has been the president of the Cosmetic Surgeons of Singapore for the past three years.

In that time, the cosmetic surgeon department has been operating out of a large cosmetic surgery centre, in a location with plenty of space for cosmetic surgeries.

“We have a big surgery centre in Singapore,” Yip said.

“So when a client comes to us, they will go in and we will have the surgeon come in and explain how to make a face in a few minutes.

“The other important thing is, it is not a lot. “

It is not even that difficult, but it is very easy for us.””

The other important thing is, it is not a lot.

It is not even that difficult, but it is very easy for us.”

Dr Yip stressed that there is no limit to the number or types of cosmetic surgeries that can be performed for cosmetic reasons, including those for skin cancer, scarring and acne, as well as for facial problems such as nose wrinkles, eyelid contouring or eyelash curling.

Yips has also noticed that the demand in cosmetic procedures is growing rapidly, which means that the cosmetic surgeons are becoming more aware of their patients’ needs.

“Our patients are becoming aware of the issues they have with cosmetic surgery,” she told Al.

“This is really important for us because our patients have been asking for more of a holistic approach.”

For the sake of patients’ safety and for their cosmetic surgeons’ own well-being, Dr Yap recommends that cosmetic procedures be performed with a professional.

“If someone is going for a cosmetic surgery, they should be able to have a doctor look at the skin, the shape of the face, the amount of skin that needs to be covered, the size of the eyelashes, and also the eyelash shape and how it is going through the eyelids,” she advised.

“If a patient has skin problems, the skin should be covered,” she urged.

“The best thing is to make sure that the patient can make a decision without any doubt, and if there are any concerns, that is where the consultation should take place,” she concluded.

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