Plastic surgery associates to face fines and jail over breaches of law

Plastic surgery has become a key issue in the Australian elections as both Labor and the Greens want to cut the number of surgeons.

The Australian Council of Plastic Surgeons is threatening to take action against two of the biggest plastic surgeons, saweeties and plastic surgery associates.

The ACSO has issued the following warning to the two doctors, Mr and Mrs Nadeem Shah and Dr Shaukat Shah, who have been linked to a number of breaches of the Health Services (Healthcare Protection and Promotion Act 2003).

“We are confident in the strength of our evidence and we are very confident in our legal position.

We have been issued with the required documents to commence the proceedings against these two doctors and we have a very strong case that the conduct and the breaches of this Act are serious breaches of our laws and of the health and safety of our patients,” the ACSOS chief executive, John Tuck, said.

“I want to stress that we are confident that we have strong legal grounds to pursue this action against these doctors.

It is also important to note that the AASOS is a very small organisation and it has a limited number of doctors who are required to practice under the Health and Safety Code.

However, we have made clear that we will vigorously defend our position in court.”

The ABVP, the Australian Labor Party’s most senior anti-feminist organisation, is calling on both doctors to pay fines.

Mr and Mrs Shah, both of whom are based in Canberra, were found guilty of failing to supervise a plastic surgeon who has a history of abusing patients, including the removal of a patient’s teeth, the removal and re-attachment of teeth, and the placement of a tube under the patient’s eye.

Dr Shah, whose practice is in Canberra’s western suburbs, is accused of performing operations without an anaesthetic or the appropriate supervision, including placing a tube on a patient without her consent.

He is also accused of having inappropriate contact with patients and refusing to wear protective eyewear when performing procedures.

Both men have pleaded not guilty.

In a statement issued to ABC Radio National, the ABVP said it was concerned by the actions of Dr Shah and his colleagues and the impact the alleged breaches could have on the health of Australian women and children.

According to the statement, ABVP Queensland secretary Pauline O’Toole said that the ABP is concerned that there has been a pattern of breaches involving the conduct of surgeons who are in a position of authority over patients.

“We urge the ABPs and other surgeons to immediately report any of their colleagues who have breached the Health Act, and also any doctors who may have breached their obligations under that Act,” Ms O’Logh said.

“As we have stated before, there is a strong case against these people and their practices.”

ABC News understands the ABPP is planning to launch a criminal investigation against the two surgeons.

This morning, a spokesman for the ABPG said it “strongly condemned” the alleged offences against Mr and Ms Shah.


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