Toronto police: A man is recovering after his nose was removed with plastic surgery

A Toronto man says he’s recovering after being left with a nose that had been partially reconstructed after a plastic surgeon made the procedure.

“My nose was basically cut off,” said David Lister, 33, who was walking his dog at the time.

“They used a piece of metal to go through my nostrils and then put a piece in my mouth and a piece out my nose.”

Lister said his nose had a “very nice shape” before being reconstructed with metal screws.

“But when I started to get out of shape, it just got more and more ugly,” he said.

The man, who asked not to be identified, was walking in the west-end neighbourhood of Scarborough when the procedure was performed in October 2015.

He said he has a mild case of asthma and that he hasn’t experienced any other health issues.

The operation was performed by a specialist, who also worked on a pair of glasses.

The procedure was a total success.

“He went in with a plan and it worked,” Lister told The Canadian Press.

“I was in complete shock when I went in.

It was the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Listers nose was partially reconstructed and the metal was glued in place to the nose.

It’s unclear what was used to make the repairs, but Lister’s father, John, said his son has been receiving care from a plastic specialist.

“It was not the right thing to do for him,” he told The Associated Press.

The man is now back on the streets, eating at a popular Asian restaurant and taking care of his dogs.

He says the experience has taught him “not to worry about what people think of me.”

The city says it is investigating and the incident remains under investigation.

“We take any reports of this nature extremely seriously and will take appropriate action if warranted,” spokeswoman Heather Parsons said in an email.

Lister said he believes the incident is an example of a culture that doesn’t value the health of its members.

“It’s just a shame that it’s happening in the middle of the day and the people who are being affected are so much more privileged than the average person,” he added.

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