When I became a plastic surgeon, I had no idea my friends and I were having so much fun

When I started my plastic surgery career in the mid 2000s, I was only 15 years old.

By then, plastic surgery was everywhere and everyone was obsessed with getting the perfect face, body, and facial features.

After seeing the beauty and health benefits of cosmetic surgery, I became obsessed with the new trend of plastic surgery and began to travel to some of the best cosmetic surgeons in the world to do my first procedure.

“I’d travel to all of the biggest, most prestigious, and best cosmetic surgeries, and I’d find out the same thing over and over again.

The difference was that I didn’t have to worry about getting it right the first time, but every time I had a success, I would want to do it again.”

I knew that I was not going to get to see my first surgery as a girl because it was something that was very much on the agenda of my friends, my family, and my peers.

I would spend days and nights of waiting in line, and if I failed to get the results that I wanted, I knew that they were not going on to be successful.

I was constantly being told that I needed to do more, and that the process was not easy, but I was also worried about what I was doing to myself and what was going to happen to me.

When I first started my surgery career, I didn´t know that I would ever be able to get my surgery done.

So I kept waiting, and each time I finally got it right, I went back to my friends telling them that I had done it, that I got my results, and now I was ready to go home.

But, after doing my first two procedures, I realized that my friends who were still getting the results they were after were not the ones who were having the most fun.

I had met a lot of people who had done the same things, and while they were enjoying themselves, they were also worried that I wasn’t really happy with the results I had received.

I also knew that the same people who were telling me that they couldn´t believe their luck and that I should just do it all over again were the same ones who would tell me that the next procedure I had would be a success.

I began to think about the things that were going on in my life and how I was dealing with them, and eventually I realized the things I had been hiding were actually very real.

It was then that I decided to change my mindset.

I started to see what I wanted in life, and not only did I choose to be happier, but the things in my day-to-day life were also changing.

The first thing that I did was change my diet.

I began eating healthy, and with the help of my new diet, I started feeling healthier.

I got to experience the positive things in life and I also learned how to be a more compassionate person.

I changed my lifestyle and started to live life the way I wanted to live my life.

For the next 10 years, I continued to travel the world and do my cosmetic surgery at a very high level, and after doing some amazing work and being the youngest person to ever get a plastic surgery done in China, I found that I could now be a part of a world that was filled with beauty and well-being.

Now that I am older, I am more comfortable in my own skin and in my skin’s natural beauty.

And it is this very beautiful, positive and inspiring world that is what has allowed me to feel so comfortable and comfortable in who I am today.

I am still doing it the right way, and the beauty that I have discovered has given me the strength to be able do what I want and not have to hide who I really am.

Follow Tamara on Twitter @TamaraPallister for all of her plastic surgery adventures.

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