When K-Pop stars perform plastic surgery for cash, the consequences can be devastating

K-pop stars have been making waves in the past year for daring to be their authentic selves and even for performing plastic surgery, but some of the stars’ recent stunts have led to more than a few backlash.

A few weeks ago, Kim Eun-jung and Park Hye-rim, who performed in the song “Crazy” on “Boys” in February, posed for a photo on the red carpet of the SBS Asia Music Awards in Singapore.

But as soon as the cameras stopped rolling, Eun, 24, was forced to remove her makeup, and Hye, 27, was asked to leave the stage, according to a report by The Korea Times.

Both stars have since apologized and said they have done nothing illegal.

Both apologized to the audience, the SNS report said.

The incident was reported by Korean news portal News Korea, which also said it has obtained an apology from both Eun and Hae, which was released by the singer’s agency, Wuhan Wuhua.

Eun also apologized to her fans.

The report said that, when asked about the incident by the media, Hae told reporters, “I apologize, I apologize.

I am sorry.”

Both Eun as well as Hae have been praised for their roles on the popular hit series.

“Cute” was nominated for three awards this year, including the Golden Bear award, and “K-Pop Star” is on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Last year, K-POP’s youngest member, Park Jin-hyeon, had a major comeback and was named as the first woman to be awarded the Billboard Music Awards’ “Best Female Artist” honor, according a statement from the group.

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