When the stars of catwoman are finally outed as plastic surgery ‘bogus’

The star of catgirl, Kylie Jenner, has become the latest celebrity to be cast in a new plastic surgery clinic, which has been called “boganeering”.

Ms Jenner, who was born Jennifer Lawrence, has had plastic surgery to give her fuller features and has undergone breast augmentation to help her appear taller.

“She was asked by the producers to do a face lift for the new movie Catwoman,” her manager said.

“This was done in a plastic surgeon in Hollywood.”

Ms Jenner’s rep confirmed that the procedure was part of the production of the new film.

“In the movie, Catwoman, we’re introducing a new character called Lexa who was created by Bruce Campbell, who also wrote the script.

The actress who plays Lexa, Kate Hudson, also has undergone a facelift,” a rep said.

The new clinic in Hollywood, located at the Beverly Hills Hotel, is the latest in a string of celebrity plastic surgery clinics that have sprung up across the country.

While celebrity cosmetic surgeons are not required to reveal the identities of their patients, many celebrities have opted to go ahead with the procedures, which include liposuction, face lift, facelifts, facings and even Botox injections.

In July, US television network CBS News revealed that actress Jennifer Lawrence had had a face transplant operation.

The actress, who is in the midst of her fifth decade, had her nose and cheeks reshaped with an eye doctor, according to her reps.

Her publicist confirmed the procedure.”JK’s facial and body transformation has been a life-changing experience,” a spokesperson said.

In January, an Australian woman who had plastic surgeries on her face to appear taller received a standing ovation at a party, sparking a debate about cosmetic surgery for celebrities.

Alicia Keys, who had a nose job and liposection, also received applause from a party of people at the Australian Film Awards.ABC/wiresTopics:art-and-entertainment,health,arts-and,advertising,film-movies,france

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