‘Gotham’ star says he ‘would love’ to go back to the city that made him famous

By KELLY RUSSELL, APNew York – The man who played Batman and played Superman on the big screen says he would love to go to Gotham City that made his name.

“I think I’ve never felt like this,” Ben Affleck told USA Today.

Affleck made a statement that resonated with many people.

He made his mark on the world, and Gotham City has always been the city he wanted to go, he said.

“You don’t feel that pressure when you’re on the inside, but it’s there.”

Affleck has a history of making big statements about his city.

He was asked by a reporter how he felt about New York City and said it was “the greatest city in the world.”

He also mentioned the city of his birth, California, when asked if he felt like he was in his birthplace.

“Yes, I do,” Affleck said.

In an interview with USA Today, Affleck also talked about how the city has been misunderstood.

He said it is misunderstood.

“It’s the kind of place that you know you’re going to be hit with a hurricane or a tornado, but you don’t know exactly what’s going to hit you,” he said, adding that he was surprised to see that some people were angry about his statement.

“A lot of people feel, ‘Oh, he’s just talking about his own city,’ and they think that that’s all that matters.

And that’s wrong.

I’m not going to let people take that away from me.

I can’t let people define who I am.”

Affalo, who grew up in the Los Angeles suburb of Hollywood, said he is not afraid of making statements about the city.

“People say, ‘It’s so bad that he said that,’ and that’s true,” Affalo said.

He also said he wants to get out of the city, but he has not yet decided if he will.

“My plan is to go wherever I feel like it’s best for me to go,” he told USA TODAY.

“If I feel that I need to leave, that’s fine with me.

But I’m always open to anything.”

The star also addressed a few people who were angry with his statement, saying that he feels like he has done everything he could.

“When I’m at my best, I am very confident in my own ability to say what I want to say,” Affalon said.

Affalo also said that he would like to make a statement about climate change and the need for more women in science and technology.

Affalon, who is the creator of the “Gothams” comic book series, has made it clear he doesn’t support the Keystone XL pipeline that would transport tar sands crude from Alberta, Canada, to refineries on the Gulf Coast.

He has also been critical of President Donald Trump, who has vowed to build the pipeline.

“He wants to build it, and then he wants us to say it is not a good idea, but we’re going forward with it,” Affonald said.

I don t care who’s doing it. “

But if he wants me to do it, I will.

I don t care who’s doing it.

I think I can do it.”

Affalon also said if he was President Trump, he would want to move the embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

“What I really want to do is move the United States embassy from Tel, Tel Aviv, to Jerusalem,” he explained.

Affaron also said it would be “impossible” for him to leave the city for any reason.

“There are so many things that are happening in the city right now,” Affalons statement said.

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