How to Get Your New Body in a New Place

Allure Magazine – No. 1 on the cover is a woman with a plastic surgery scar on her nose and a big smile, but the cover also shows her with a long smile and a large smile.

And the magazine shows a model in a tight pink dress, wearing a wig, lipstick, and sunglasses.

The magazine’s editor-in-chief, Stephanie Heneghan, was inspired to create the cover by a friend who was going through the same experience, Heneigan said.

She and her friend shared a similar vision of the magazine’s cover, and it resonated with her.

“We wanted to create something that felt like a representation of what we thought was a universal experience,” Heneghansaid.

Heneghan said the magazine has been featured on numerous billboards and in ads.

She said she was inspired by the idea of creating a cover that represented both the beauty and the surgery in a different light.

Henegan’s other creative projects include a mural on the side of the New Jersey Turnpike and a poster for the Los Angeles premiere of the movie “Shark Tank.”

Heneghan said the cover was inspired after her friend and her husband were diagnosed with colon cancer and the news of their diagnosis.

They thought of doing something that would show that people who were diagnosed and having surgery were still able to walk down the street and go about their lives.

“I wanted to do something that represented that, that I could wear my wig and lipstick and have my face painted and still be myself,” Hethegan said.

“I didn’t want to wear makeup and have surgery.

I wanted to walk around the world as a person, and that’s something that I felt like was really important.”

Hetheghan said she hopes to continue the magazine with more covers for other industries.

“Our goal is to have a lot of different things that we do in our industry, and to create more covers that reflect the diversity of what our industry is,” Hethegan said

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